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Safety.   Awareness.   Training.


TAAG is a service organization created specifically for and dedicated to assisting the Trampoline and Adventure Park Industry in their efforts to increase safety and reduce accidents and injuries, provide current and accurate information to the management and staff in this industry regarding best practices and the methods and manner in which the industry must care for and protect its patrons and customers.

  • Risk Management

  • Park Facilities

  • Medical Responsibilities

  • Emergency Action Plans

  • Legal Responsibilities

  • Supervision

  • Children's Courts

  • Special Attractions

  • Ninja Courses

  • Patron Education

  • Inspection and Maintenance


TAAG was established to provide a leadership platform in the areas of safety, education, risk management and patron services. The Trampoline and Adventures Advisory Group's (TAAG's) sole purpose is to elevate the level of safety, awareness and the commitment of good practices on the part of employees, management, staff and owners of Trampoline and Adventure Parks. With this goal, TAAG intends to help improve safe practices, reduce injuries in both numbers and severity, become an information and safety resource through education, distribution of information, certification and testing and enhance the value and safety of the experiences that are offered by the Trampoline and Adventures Park Industry.

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