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The Trampoline and Adventures Advisory Group (TAAG) is an independent body, non-affiliated organization, with an applied for registration with the United States Internal Revenue Service as a Not-for-Profit 501(c)(3) corporation.

TAAG is a service organization created specifically for and dedicated to assist the Trampoline and Adventure Park industry in their efforts to increase safety and reduce accidents and injuries, provide current and accurate information to the management and staff in this industry about best practices and the methods and manner in which the industry must care for and protect its patrons.

The staff that makes up TAAG represents more than 100 years of combined Trampoline involvement in the areas of teaching, coaching, safety development, risk management, facility design, maintenance, insurance, spotting, safety certification and programming. Their sole purpose is to help safeguard this industry and to help guarantee the continued growth and sustainability of the Trampoline and Adventure Park industry.

One of TAAG's primary goals and objectives is to create and deliver a Safety Certification Program that will be available to the entire industry. From our previous experience, we are confident that such a program will have a profound impact on the entire industry by raising the level of safety awareness and risk management that will help reduce injuries, curtail lawsuits and litigations, all while increasing the overall value of the patron experience.

Safety certification programs and its educational purposes will be available to all parks and any individual who wants to participate and who is interested in improving their safety and risk management awareness. The TAAG programs will become the industry standard and our primary goal will be to improve the overall safety of every park and program in this industry.


TAAG was established to provide a leadership platform in the areas of safety, education, risk management and patron services. The Trampoline and Adventures Advisory Group's (TAAG's) sole purpose is to elevate the level of safety, awareness and commitment of good practices on the part of the employees, management, staff and owners of Trampoline and Adventure Parks. With this goal, TAAG intends to help improve safe practices, reduce injuries in both numbers and severity, become an information and safety resource through education, distribution of information, certification and testing and enhance the value and safety of the experiences that are offered by the Trampoline and Adventures Park Industry.


TAAG's vision is to educate, inform and bring the highest level of safety awareness across the entire Trampoline and Adventures Park industry. We believe a new culture of safer operations can be the new "norm" as the industry realizes that it's longevity is dependent on the safest operations and vital systems being in place when running a top-notch park.

Our ability to accomplish this goal will depend on the acceptability of the offered programs that we will create and make available to the Trampoline and Adventures Park industry. We have a unique opportunity to make the experience a safer and more enjoyable one, so enjoyed by millions of customers. The success of these programs will help grow the industry, make it more successful and allow it to sustain such growth and success for many years to come.

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