Bob Ito

Bob is currently employed as the Safety Manager for ALIVE RISK in Wayzata, MN. In this role, Bob evaluates potential insured operations for compliance with industry standards of risk management, audits current insured for compliance risk management standards and collaborates with attorneys and insured on improvements to risk management policies and procedures. As part of his work, Bob provides expert witness opinions and testimony in defense against plaintiff claims for wrongful injury.

Previously, Bob was the Risk Management Director at Sky Zone Franchise Group of Los Angeles, CA. He was responsible for developing and overseeing company-wide risk management policies and procedures, writing a risk management manual, and creating in-house audit and inspection policies and procedures. Bob is a member of the International Association of Trampoline Parks and has served as the Facility Operations Chairman. He works closely with the ASTM F2970 Trampoline Courts Task Groups on all aspects of safety.

Bob was the former City-Wide Gymnastics Program Director for the Chicago Park District, one of the largest municipal recreation gymnastics programs in the USA. He has owned and operated gymnastics clubs in Hawaii, Illinois, Washington State and Oregon. He is also a USA Gymnastics Professional Member and National Collegiate Gymnastics Coaches Association/Women. Bob was the head coach for the University of Washington's Women's Gymnastics Team from 1980 to 1990 and has published two books on gymnastics and tumbling entitled, Inside Tumbling (1977) and Mastering Women's Gymnastics (1978).

Mike Jacki

Mike has been intimately involved with trampoline, gymnastics, cheerleading, parkour and action sports as well as related activities his entire professional career.


As President of USA Gymnastics, he started the USA Gymnastics Safety and Certification Program in 1985, which has become the model for the Olympic Sports Industry. He also helped establish the International Cheer Union and the International Federation for Competitive Cheerleading (which now boasts annual World and Continental Championships as well as more than 100 participating countries).


Mike has worked for more than 40 years with insurance companies, litigators and the legal community, as well as safety and risk management experts in the study and defense of sports facilities, trampoline and youth entertainment centers, gymnastics and cheer clubs and other related businesses.

He is also the former President of the US Ski and Snowboard Team, the United States Association of Independent Gymnastics Clubs and the National Association of Women's Collegiate Gymnastics Coaches. He has served for more than a decade on the Board of Directors of the United States Olympic Committee.

Mike was inducted into the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame in 2004.

Suzy Jewell
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Suzanne Wolfe Jewell has been involved in gymnastics and trampolining as a gymnast, coach and gym owner since 1974. She is a professional member of USA Gymnastics. Her knowledge of what children and teens find fun, combined with her knowledge of safety and equipment enables her to create functional layouts and innovations for Trampolines Unlimited, Inc. as their Senior Designer.


Suzanne is also the Risk Management Lead, authoring multiple manuals and running "Spring Training" boot camps for new TUI trampoline park owners, supervisors and staff, where she teaches them about all aspects of running top-notch, less risk facilities. Suzanne also works with their local Emergency Medical Responders and staff on emergency action plans, which include foam pit, airbag and trampoline extraction drills.

She operates a trampoline park in Santa Barbara, California called Cloud 10 Jump Club, which also has a separate Trampoline and Gymnastics Training Center. This park is a Research and Development Facility for her family's core company, Trampolines Unlimited, Inc. (TUI), which has been designing, manufacturing and installing custom trampoline parks as well as equipment for gymnastics schools and the entertainment industry since 1975. Suzanne is the Children's Zones Lead for ASTM F2970 Trampoline Court Task Group since 2011 and the Facility Operations Chairperson for the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) for which she is a founding member. Suzanne's passion for this industry, as well as creating ways for patrons to jump safer and smarter is what inspires her to bounce out of bed everyday!

Wayne Jewell
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Wayne Jewell

Founder, Chairman & Chief Engineer, Trampolines Unlimited Inc.

Wayne received a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Northrop University in 1970 and a Master’s Degree from the Guidance & Control Department of Stanford University in 1976.  As Senior Research Engineer for a cutting-edge aerospace company, he managed many multi-million dollar projects for the US Navy, NASA, and private contractors.  His primary fields of expertise include developing math models of complex dynamic systems and all facets of real-time, pilot / vehicle simulation. 

Wayne has been bouncing on trampolines for over 50 years!  He competed in both gymnastics and diving, and used the trampoline as a training tool for both of these sports.  His passion for the sport, and his desire to remain in touch with the gymnastics & trampoline community led him to create Trampolines Unlimited in 1975.

Bringing a truly unique combination of passion and skill in the fields of engineering and trampolines, Wayne was able to deliver a series of innovations to the industry, including the open-ended tumbling trampoline in 1981 (aka Rocket-Track) and a low-impact vaulting board (aka Air-O-Board) in 1995.  Wayne jumped at the opportunity to design his first trampoline park in 2007, and has introduced a steady stream of industry-leading innovations and designs, which has positioned TUI as a leading player in the trampoline park industry.

Wayne helped with the development of the ASTM Standard for Trampoline Parks (F-2970), and is a founding member of the IATP (the International Association of Trampoline Parks).