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Our Team.

Co-founders, authors, and educators for TAAG (Trampoline & Adventure Advisory Group), a non-profit organization that trains, and educates management, supervisors, and staff on safer operations and Risk Management in Trampoline and Adventure parks. 

Bob Ito was the Risk Management Director at Sky Zone Franchise Group and worked with the International Association of Trampoline Parks. He serves with the ASTM F2970 Trampoline Courts Task Groups on guidelines for trampoline parks and developed a program for performance trampolines for the State of Colorado. Bob was appointed a National Safety Instructor for USA Gymnastics and officer of the National Collegiate Gymnastics Coaches Association/Women. Bob was the Head Coach for the University of Washington's Women's Gymnastics Team from 1980 to 1990 and serves as an expert witness for trampoline/adventure park litigation. Bob published two books on gymnastics and tumbling entitled, Inside Tumbling (1977) and Mastering Women's Gymnastics (1978).

Suzy Wolfe Jewell has been involved in gymnastics and trampolining as a gymnast, head coach, and gymnastics club owner since 1974. Her knowledge of what children and teens find fun, combined with her knowledge of safety and equipment enables her to create functional layouts and innovations for Trampolines Unlimited, Inc. as their Senior Designer and Risk Management lead. Suzy is the Children’s Zones lead for the ASTM F2970 Trampoline Courts Task Group since 2011, as well as helped to create the NEW Amusement Challenge Areas standard (Ninja Courses and other challenge attractions). Suzy has worked with over 400 firefighters on Emergency Extractions from foam pits, airbags, and trampolines.  She is also an expert witness for Trampoline and Adventure cases

Mike Jacki has been intimately involved with Trampoline, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Parkour, Action Sports and related activities his entire professional career.  As President of USA Gymnastics, he started the USA Gymnastics Safety and Certification Program, the model for the Olympic Sports Industry. Mike helped to establish the International Cheer Union and has been associated with USA Parkour for more than a decade. Mike has worked for more than 40 years with insurance companies, litigators, and the legal community as well as safety and risk management experts in the study and defense of sports facilities, Trampoline and youth entertainment centers, Gymnastics and Cheer clubs and related businesses.   

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